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Free naming for everyone!

Good afternoon to all those who are surfing the Net today trying to create the logo online, or to all those who are in search of the convincing name which is capable of attracting new customers. 

A good name is the foundation stone of success. For us, the long-term experience in creating unique logos is the best evidence of it.


What are the basic thoughts of the logotype creator reflecting on the ways of how to create the logo of a company or its corporate identity?

He thinks about the name!

Indeed, it may become one of the most important components of success or…lead to a crash! So, how could I not recall the quote from the book about Captain Wrongel who claimed: “The yacht will sail according to its name!”?

There are several variants how to choose the appropriate name. The simplest one is the idea to consult the company where the naming is one of the directions of the professional activity of its specialists.

The best logo generator by name is the brain of the person who knows his business inside out!

Although, here are several lifehacks about how to come up with the name by yourself:


Step 1.Think of the syllables consisting of 2-3 letters which sound good, from your point of view, or which would be to the point in the name of your company (le, ma, ton, na, ven etc., up to you).

Step 2. As an alternative, use the syllable typical of your business as the part of the name. Use “tour” for the travel agency. Use “tech” for the technical service. Use “food” for food industry etc.

Step 3. Involve any syllable calculator (for example, this one), that is available on the Internet. It will multiply the random letter combinations and will offer the range of names from which you will be able to choose the suitable one:



Take the part indicating your business activity (trans, invest, auto, cycle) and complement it with the winning trustworthy and credible ending (expert, center, master, guru, next, smart, maxi, tone, secret)..

Use the following formula of the name:

The acronym of your type of activity + a trustworthy word

name formula

What will we get?

  • 'Maxbet' casino
  • 'Transexpert' cargo transportation company
  • 'Smartdesign' interior design company
  • 'Secret-Service' detective agency (although…it has already been somewhere, hasn’t it?)

Quite acceptable!

What can be the names according to their type?

It is believed that there exist 5 main types of naming that are useful for those who want to make the logotype and to develop the name by themselves.

  • Traditional names — choosing this direction, it’s necessary to understand that such names are as clear as possible for the wide audience. Their benefits lie in the fact that they are directly connected with the products offered or with the scope of activity in which the service is provided. Such names are most popular among the representatives of dairy product business, for example: “Our Village”, “Milk World”. Quite often traditional or direct names are used in business by lawyers striving to come up with name of the company, unequivocally perceived by the client, who is also in a stressful situation, when he is not up to intrigues: “Themis”, “Justice.ru”, etc.
  • Geographical names are connected to the territory where the product is manufactured or the service is provided: “MinskProjectFurniture”, “Moscow city”, “Moscow-Paris bank”. Last variant is the evidence that, while developing the geographical name, you can hide certain special meaning, or transmit the message about the style to the audience, reliability, respectability or the traditions of the place.
  • Descriptive variants to certain extent resemble the traditional ones and differ by the simplicity of the name for the company that is directly connected with its form of activity. “Car repair.by” or “Clean House” cleaning company.
  • OFF. Why not to try coming up with the name like “Truckoff“,“Cakeoff”, “Panoff”? They are the typical examples of composite naming, the key element of which are the neologisms that stick to the memory of the potential customer.
  • And, of course, most acceptable are the association names like “Orange summer” (private children’s camp). - “Maxbet” (the chain of casinos) — evoking either implicit or most direct association with the offered product.

How to test the name?

Good name of the company is based on three components:

  • Readability
  • Rememberability
  • Phonetical perceptibility during listening and reading etc.

Before creating the logo of the firm with the developed name, ask your friends and acquaintances to check how much they associate the name chosen by you with the direction of your activity.

The rule of 7 seconds, during which there must be born the association with the direction and/or the character (emotions, associations, values) of the company, works!

The hair salon with the name “Head off shoulders” exists in real world and makes the namer happy, although it takes some time to understand if the make up artists or the butcher’s work under such a sign.

It’s perfect if the name does the following:

  • It has the impact of positivity (people avoid negative emotions)
  • It evokes pleasant memories
  • It appeals to the pleasant feelings (“Quickly-tasty”, or «Sweetis»)
  • Also it’s wonderful if the created name of the shop contains the values that are native to the potential client.

“Dolce Vita” – this says everything!

Getting the necessary knowledge about the ways how to perform naming, it is possible to do the following:

  • Save your money
  • Develop several versions of a good name and choose the most suitable one. .

Good luck in searching for a good name and in creating the logo online with the help of our service!

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