Why do you need genlogo?

Each person living on the Earth has a certain name and appearance. These factors help us tell the difference between each other.

We often hear a pompous phrase: “He acquired a name!” – they say it about a person who achieved success in a certain sphere. The phrase about acquiring appearance can be heard as well – about people who go to a beauty parlor, a fitness center or a plastic surgeon’s office.

Name and visual image of the product or service you offer are equally important!

At the end of the day, the growth of popularity of your sales proposition and increase in profitability is impossible without identifying it in the market..

Only yesterday, the specialists who fought for the uniqueness of the name and logo of your company were involved in the logo development. However, nowadays, when the 21st century (a century of progress!) pleasantly surprises us with new steps in the automation of processes, we are glad to introduce the system of developing logos online..

GENLOGO was developed by experienced designers who worked on the project and tried to take into account all modern trends in creative design and logotype design!

Today, everyone, who visited Genlogo site, get a unique opportunity to create the logo online in at 5-click ease!

How does our logo design tool work?

  • You fill in the lines “name” and “slogan” (if it is available or specify the scope of activities, for example: design studio, construction company, etc.). Then you choose a category.
  • You choose the option you like the most from the set of suggested ones..
  • You choose the font option you like from the ones we offer. 6 most matching font options are selected for each logo.
  • You choose a color. We select all the color options for each logo manually!
  • You get the vector source!

What criteria should be followed, when choosing the best option created by our online logo design tool?

You should remember that:

  • The logo doesn’t have to reflect the scope of activity. Many people are sure that if it is a cafe, the logo must depict a cup of coffee. This is not true! You can choose an abstract logotype that reflects the values of your company (modernity or convenience, friendliness or versatility)
  • When choosing the logo, you can proceed from the name, the way it sounds or its meaning..
  • Consider places, where you will use the logo. If you’ll use it only on the site, there are no restrictions at all. That’s why you can choose a detailed and multi-colored logo. If you need the maximum versatility (that is, the logo is intended to be used both on the website, on the billboard, signboard, promotional merchandise), simple logos without complex combinations are the best choice, and the font should be readable and understandable.
  • When choosing the logo, you shouldn’t make a decision based on your taste preferences. It makes sense to imagine your target audience and think whether this group of people will like the chosen logo.

Why should you choose our online logo design tool?

Genlogo is

  • A unique design. Each logo, which will be displayed on the screen of your computer, is created by real professionals in the field of design
  • Work of authorship in 100 cases out of 100. Absolute uniqueness!!
  • The ability to use the basic version of the logo created by our online design tool. You don’t want or don’t have the opportunity to pay for a vector source, don’t you? You will receive a picture with a transparent background in the .png format, 800 pixels wide. You can surely post the logo on the site (or use it on social networks)..
  • If you couldn’t find a good fit on our service, please, send us a letter about it using the feedback form, or contact us by mail. Specify your scope of activity and the reasons for which you couldn’t find the right option. In our turn, we will respond promptly and add new options to the base, considering your wishes. It may sound trite but your opinion is very important to us!

You no longer have to reckon on how to make a company logotype..

Online logo design tool works in 24/365 mode!

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