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GENLOGO logo and corporate design generator is created by designers to reflect modern technologies and the latest trends. We make sure you get a high-quality design online. Try it for FREE!
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What is “corporate identity”
and "Brand book"?

Corporate identity is the image of the company. And the logo is its distinctive mark. By the logo, you are recognized and distinguished among competitors. The emblem of a well-known company is the guarantor of quality. Back in the old days, you had to order a company logo at a creative agency. Today things have changed. With Genlogo service, you can make your own logo online.

The brand book is a guide to using the logo and corporate identity, which contains the basic rules of use. Thanks to it, your brand will not lose its uniqueness and unity of style over time. You can easily create a brand book on our service online.

Logo generator online
- objective advantages

You do not need a vector or raster graphics editor. The drawing of the main elements is ready. The authors of the drawings are professional artists. That’s why making a logo is simple. All you need is a good website with a design tool. This is the main advantage of the service - you get a cool emblem of the company created at the level of the top web studio in 5 clicks.

The configurator provides a quick solution to several tasks at once:

• to make a stylish and attractive logo;
• to develop the elements of corporate identity;
• to show up among the competitive companies;
• to attract potential customers;
• to save time and budget of the company.

Do it yourself
or order at a design studio

This is another advantage of developing a logo online. The price of web studios services starts from $300. The best companies in the market have higher prices. The minimum order time is 10 days. The maximum period is not defined, because it is not always possible to create a logo from the first time. You think that your logo should be like this, and the designer creates it quite the opposite. After all, he uses a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone is looking for a simple and effective way; image generation occurs with the brain on autopilot.

This does not mean that web studios work poorly. Quite the contrary - they make a product of the highest quality. But sometimes it's easier to create it yourself, using a logo maker. This way you can definitely get the option that will meet your expectations.

Why creating the logo using Genlogo online is more profitable?

• We simplified the logo making to the maximum. But not at the expense of quality! Genlogo is not an automatic compilation of random elements. You draw up the logo and select the fragments of corporate design by yourself.

• All images are uniquely designed and belong to our artists. It means our logo generator makes it possible for you to create a unique company logo.

• The entire interface is in Russian. Making your own logo takes a minimum of time. Genlogo is a simple and functional program with hundreds of drawings, fonts and color schemes.

• Logo maker is much cheaper than ordering a logo at a web studio. You start the work once you select the optimal option – you choose a tariff and make the minimum payment. We do not impose any additional services, we only provide the logo design tool.

Why genlogo?

You get the logo in the right formats.

The property rights for the use of images within any media are transferred to you.

We offer the assistance of the skilled designers with more than 15 years of experience. We provide the detailed advice on any issues.

Do not waste time. Make your logo right now!

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