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brand book

Create a professional brand book
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The brand book is a guide to using a logo and corporate identity. How to create a brand book? In the beginning, create a logo, then you can create a corporate design and brand book.

Examples of brand books created with genlogo:

brand book school
title brand book building company
brand book fashion
что такое брендбук

What is a brand book?

A brand book is a set of rules and parameters for using a logo and corporate style of a company, which contains important parameters such as: correct use, a set of corporate fonts, a color palette (web, rgb, cmyk), tips for printing corporate elements, a protective field for a logo, a minimum size , prohibited use, tips for using the logo in the photo and much more.

для чего нужен брендбук

What is a brand book for?

The rules described in the brand book will allow you to correctly use the logo and corporate identity. It is necessary not only for you, but also for people who will work with corporate design. It allows you to maintain consistency of style, brand message and visual identity at all times.

A brand book is an important document that will preserve your brand.

как создать брендбук

How to create a brand book?

It's very simple, start with the logo, enter the details, choose the appropriate option, font and color. After saving the logo to your personal account, create a corporate identity. After paying for the "Brandbook" tariff, you will receive the logo, corporate identity and brandbook files in PDF format.