Create a corporate design


Why do companies need a corporate design?

Any company needs to stand out of the competitors. Regardless of the activity area. This is a need dictated by competitive struggle. Development of corporate design is task of prime importance in a marketing context.

Corporate design is a logo, slogan and a complex of graphic elements used in corporate documentation. In particular, these are the headed papers, envelopes and business cards. It is important to make the company's corporate design easy to remember, i.e. snazzy and bright. But at the same time it should not contain too much pathos and pretentiousness, so as not to frighten the customers.

The specificity of corporate design is determined by the focus area of the company. For example, woodgrain stylization and natural colors are suitable for the companies that produce eco-products. Minimalistic solutions in cold and neutral color schemes, such as blue and gray, straight lines, simple geometric shapes in the logo are optimal for IT.


The design tool development of corporate design:

• Does not limit you by time and budget.
• Provides a widest breadth of graphic elements.
• All pictures and fonts are made by artists.
• Provides assistance of qualified designers.
• The possibility of creation of any projects.
• 100% matching to expectations.

The design tool provides the possibility to create logos, envelopes, headed papers and business cards in the way you want them to be. You can endlessly edit and “polish” your project until you decide that it is ready. Advices of out experts will help you to retouch the small details.


Where to begin?

Start from creating a logo. The development of the corporate design of the company with Genlogo provides you with the possibility to save 10 days and money. Try to make a logo or business card of your company right now. Check out the advantages of our design tool!

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Creating a corporate design of the company

Tips for developing the corporate design of the company:

  • Take cue from the style of the company. The logo and style should correspond to the focus area of the company. Obviously, that a pink elephant as a logo of a concrete plant is an unusual and funny choice, but it will unlikely attract any customers.
  • Try things out. The logo should be snazzy and concise. Your company will be associated with it. And it should make the customers to distinguish you among competitors. Therefore, analyze the market and consider several variants.
  • • Do not hurry. Design tool catalogs offer a lot of images and fonts, so try to consider as much as possible. Do not make a decision alone. Even the subjective advice of colleagues can be useful. You can come up with an interactive to find out the opinion of the target audience.

Development of corporate design of the company is not an easy task. But if you do everything yourself, the final draft will satisfy you anyway. It is easier and cheaper to use the design tool than to contact a web-studio or freelance designers. Today it is a trend with the obvious advantages.

A few years ago, companies ordered a logo and corporate design in web studios. This was considered as a sign of the company trustworthiness. But today, the professional approach gives way to the target approaches.

The main disadvantages of developing corporate design in a design studio:

  • The cost of the studio services starts from 300$. This is the minimum price to develop a logo. Elements of corporate design are evaluated separately.
  • Deadline - from several weeks to several months. Plus, the additional time for the final fitting of the project to the requirements of the client.
  • The main problem is the guarantees. There is always a psychologic moment. Obtaining absolute compliance to the requirements is quite difficult.
  • At that, you cannot just cancel the contract with the performer. At least, because you have already made an advance payment and cannot get it back.
  • Freelance designers sometimes make corporate design for companies just as good as web studios. They have lower prices, but in such type of cooperation you have even less guarantees.

Because of these risks, more than 10 years ago, a new trend emerged. It became more profitable for the companies to entrust the creating of a corporate design to their own employees. Because the first online design tools of logo and graphic elements for forms and business cards appeared. It really solved the main problems with ordering the design from the web studios.

Why is the self-development of the corporate design profitable?

There are many reasons for that. First of all, modern design tools are comfortable and practical. They do not require from the users even the basic knowledge of the principles of work in graphic editors. There is no need either in art education or the appropriate skills and innate talent. They require only the desire and understanding of the ultimate goal. The company manager, any of his/her closest subordinates, and even an initiative ordinary employee can provide the necessary result.

Modern online design tools have a simple interface and extensive functionality. The user makes a choice from hundreds of images. All of them are prepared by experienced designers and artists.

Do not forget about fonts and color schemes. These are important corporate design development tools. The combination of these capabilities makes it possible to develop a unique project. Uniqueness distinguishes the company among the competitors. Assistance of the service designers is a high-demand service. This is practical. Indeed, sometimes in general, the design is good, but it seems that something is missing. A professional look from the outside really helps to get rid of many flaws.

Why using Genlogo is more advantageous?

We cooperate with companies from all niches. Production of building materials. High-tech solutions and software. Online trainings. Genlogo is simple and beneficial for anyone! The service has a simple and user-friendly interface. We give detailed advices on any issues.

We provide the most favorable tariffs. Please note, that you are free to choose the tariff plan that is convenient for you. We do not impose additional services - everything is 100% transparent, and you always know exactly what you pay for.

Advantages of Genlogo service:

  • A huge database of images, manually selected fonts and color schemes. All drawings are made by our designers.
  • We do not limit you by budget or time - choose the option you like, register, create a style and get to work.
  • Creating of the logo and corporate design takes only 5 clicks, not counting the time you spend on making the choice from the catalog.