What Is Naming?

What is naming

Naming is an activity on the name formation, the creation of a brand or a company name.

Naming is very important in advertising campaigns and brand promotion!

An easy to read and memorable name can catalyze the brand development.

It is easier to remember “Bork” than “SpecialElectroProducts”.

bork brand

The name of the commercial shops, product or logo directly affect the consumer’s associations with your product. And if at the development of an advertising campaign you didn’t manage to tie together those associations with the business strategy, then all the money invested in the promotion of the brand will be thrown out the window.

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If the name of the network and the logo fail to comply with the general corporate design, this will sooner or later become a reason of frightening away the potential consumers, which in turn will entail a chain of initiative events and lead to a business failure.

Curiously enough, that the choice of colors is particularly important at the development of corporate design, logo and advertising company. Specialists in the field of retail marketing state that in the nearest future a mistake in choosing the color for the logo and corporate design will become the main factor affecting the speed of development of the retail network.

Today, the market has quite a lot of competition among the products offered. That means that only the goods with the effective advertising strategy, including the entire chain from naming to the development of corporate design, will win.;

At that naming is the basis and the beginning of the whole life of the business!