Privacy Policy Of service GENLOGO

(Edition No. 01, approved by the order №03 of the Individual Entrepreneur Yauhen Ryzhanovich dated 01.12. 2018).

This Privacy Policy for GENLOGO personal data (hereinafter referred to as the 'Policy') is developed by the Individual Entrepreneur Evgeny Ryzhanovich (resident of the Republic of Belarus, TIN 191624471) (hereinafter referred to as the 'Individual Entrepreneur', 'we'), the owner of the GENLOGO service, based on and in accordance with The Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 455-З of November 10,2008 'On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information' and the General European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) No.2016/679 of April 27,2016.

Joining the Policy is performed by clicking the 'I Accept' button in the appropriate section of the GENLOGO service and means fully and unconditionally accepting all the provisions of the Policy. By accepting the Policy, You agree with our collection, storage, processing, use and disclosure of Your personal data strictly within the Policy.

The Individual Entrepreneur reserves the right to amend the Policy by publishing its new version on the GENLOGO website: You accept the new terms of Policy by continuing to use the GENLOGO after amending in this terms.

I. Your personal data is processed by us in order to:

• give You the opportunity to use the GENLOGO service and provide You with related services, as well as inform You about the progress of such services and possible changes in the operation of the GENLOGO service or the progress of the service;

• provide You with technical support while using GENLOGO service;

• provide You with marketing information, including newsletters with news about our promotions and special offers, send You messages (push notifications, emails, etc.) about our products and services, new features, improvements, upgrade possibilities;

• respond to Your requests and complaints;

• improve our software and services by providing experience and advice, language and location settings, personalized assistance and instructions;

• comply with legal requirements.

II. To fulfill these goals, we need Your Personal Data, including:

e-mail address and your Profile’s password.

In order to pay for the services of the Service by our partners - payment systems, including, but not limited to, the Yandex.Kassa and bePaid payment system, Your personal data sufficient for making payments to us is requested and processed. The conditions for the collection, processing, use and storage of your data by payment systems are executed in accordance with their internal privacy policies of personal data and are not covered by this Policy.

The Individual Entrepreneur will store Your personal data until the purpose of its processing is met, taking into account the terms established by legislation.

III. You are entitled to:

• confirmation of the fact of processing of personal data, and, in case of confirmation of the fact of processing, - access to Your personal data;

• elimination of inaccuracies in personal data;

• termination of processing of Your personal data on Your application;

• destruction of personal data on Your application;

• receipt of personal data that You provided to GENLOGO and the unimpeded transfer of these personal data to another personal data operator;

• an objection to any decision that is essentially affecting You, based solely on automated processing.

IV. Using tabs (cookies):

A 'cookie' is a small text file that a web server sends to Your browser when You visit a website. Cookies do not represent a threat to Your computer, because they are text, not programs that are launched;

We use cookies to track Your preferences when visiting our site and to optimize it to better suit Your needs;

You can change the settings of Your browser in such a way that You are required to confirm the consent before each use of cookies, or completely prohibit their storage.

V. How do we disclose Your personal data?

We disclose Your personal data to third parties in the following cases:

We are entitled to provide aggregate anonymous information (information about You and other users in common), anonymous information and certain technical information (including IP addresses, MAC addresses for mobile devices and mobile device identifiers) for developing and delivering targeted advertising to the service and on third-party web-sites. We also allow advertisers to collect this information on GENLOGO service, and share it with us.

We reserve the right to disclose Your information to third parties, including public authorities, when we believe that this is in accordance with the requirements of the law, including cases when it is necessary in the course of the trial.

VI. Children:

By joining Policy, You confirm that You are 18+ years old. The Individual Entrepreneur does not provide access to the GENLOGO service to children and does not collect deliberately personal data from children. If You are under 18, You can use the GENLOGO service only with the participation of a legal representative: a parent or guardian.

VII. Measures to ensure the security of access to Your personal data:

The Individual Entrepreneur uses encryption protocols to secure data transmission;

Collection, processing, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating (updating, modification), use, transfer to third parties, depersonalization, destruction of personal data is carried out only by authorized employees of the Individual Entrepreneur and (or) legal and (or) individual, and (or) an individual entrepreneur on the basis of agreements with the Individual Entrepreneur, which obligatorily provide for the non-disclosure of personal data articles, in compliance with the measures provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and international agreements on protection of personal data, documents or other carriers of information containing personal data.

We store personal data on servers located in the Republic of Belarus. But personal data collected in the European Union can be transferred and stored at a destination outside the European Union. The data we collect can also be processed by employees working outside the EU who work for us or for one of our partners.

Regarding the processing of Your personal data, You can contact the Individual Entrepreneur at: Kazinets str., 11A, of.A712, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, by e-mail