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Frequently asked questions
What are the payment methods? Using a credit card
You can make a payment using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
How to get a logo after payment?
After payment, in your profile (on the page with the purchase of the logo), instead of the "Buy" button, the "Download" button is activated. The button will be available at any time in your profile. You can download the file an unlimited number of times.
I made a mistake in the brand name. How to fix?
You can use the logo editor, correct the name or tagline. You can find it in your profile, click on the "edit" button next to the logo.
How are the rights to the logo transferred?
After payment, property rights to use the logo are automatically transferred, for more details see section 8 of the Terms of use
What is the logo in vector format?

Logo in vector format (SVG). Vector format allows you to print the logo in any resolution and scale, as well as use non-standardized types of application (embossing, foil, etc.).

If you are planning to print the logo on business cards, letterheads, leaflets and other printing products, or you want to create a signboard with your logo, you will need this file

What is a PNG format with a transparent background?

A logo in PNG format with a transparent background doesn’t contain a background image and can be used on any other background.

For example, if your website has gray background, so placed on it logo will be displayed on a gray background.

What can I do with my logo? Options for using the logo

It depends on tariff you have chosen. With the tariff Start you will get files in PNG format with a transparent background. This version of the logo can be easily used for your website, social networks, etc.

Choosing the tariff "Business" you will get a full set of files which includes high-resolution vector files. This version allows you to use the logo for a lot of different purposes (printing, souvenir and other products) in any resolution and scale. For example, if you want to have your logo on a signboard or billboard.

What currency is your price quoted in?
Payment is in US dollars (USD)
What happens with the mark after the payment?

On our resource (as well as on others), the mark chosen by you after the purchase remains in the database and can be used by other users.

However, it is worth remembering that the mark is just a part of the logo; the name, the chosen color and font make it unique. We have a large unique database of marks and it is constantly updated, which reduces the likelihood of re-purchase to a minimum.

What is included in the tariff "Сorporate design"?
This tariff includes all files at the "Business" tariff, plus files of a business card, form and envelope