Basic elements of the brand


The brand is represented by various material elements that create and form a visual, acoustic and olfactive brand as a result of the natural and inherent elements of the brand.

For example, a brand logo, slogan, color palette, all marketing and promotional materials, headed papers, signs, messages and communications, etc. are tangible brand insights that make up its sensory identity at the market.

Different types of brand elements:

1. Name

A brand name refers to a word, phrase or words used to identify a company, product, service or concept, and other core brand values.

At first sight, the brand name may seem like quite a simple component. But the truth is that the development of the extremely popular and innovative name for a brand is a difficult task. Think of brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Adidas. Today, these words are the recognizable part of our everyday normal language. And since the consumers are willing to pay more for products marked by these legendary brands, these simple words cost millions of dollars..

2. Logo

Put simply, a logo – a visual trademark that identifies a brand by the elements of its design.

As it was mentioned earlier, the logo is a standard carrier of the entire brand and an element of the brand.

3. Form

Physical form is similar to the individual form of a Coca-Cola bottle or Volkswagen Beetle, which are the trademarks of these particular brands and can also be used as an element of corporate design.

4. Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts – are those elements of the brand that can also attract the attention of consumers in fractions of a second. Dynamic tape is the trademark of part of the Coca-Cola brand, and Coach's unique C model «C» encourages the look of most of their products at the market. Louis Vuitton's stylized floral pattern makes their products uniquely recognizable among other products at the market..

Although they are not logos, graphic arts are visual elements that serve for quick identification of a brand without the need for words.

5. Sound

Sound or a unique set of tones can also help in shaping the brand identity as the most important elements of a brand.

A sound may come into the heads of the customers when a brand is mentioned.

6. Taste

And last but not least is taste. It is another important element of the brand that you can use to set yourself apart the competitors at the market.

McDonalds is quite famous for its French fries. Sparkling water fans swear that they can easily distinguish Coca-Cola from Pepsi.

As the above mentioned list shows, brands can be represented in many ways that extend beyond just the name or logo.