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What is Corporate Design?

The company's corporate design is a reflection of its mission. Envelopes, business cards, documentation and logo, decorated equally, make the brand more respectable, enhance its confidence and awareness. Therefore, developing a logo and corporate design is an important task that requires a thoughtful and unhasting approach.


Why it is profitable to make the logo by yourself:

• you choose the drawing, fonts and colors;
• you are not limited by time or budget;
• the price is several times lower when compared to a web studio;
• development takes a minimum of time;

These are the obvious advantages. The logo, created by yourself, will be 100% consistent with your expectations. You can work together with your colleagues and employees - nothing restricts you, except for your own imagination. And most significantly - you do not need to have a professional art education and be skillful in working with graphic editors. Online service will do everything for you.

Creating a logo is easy!


Take the first step!

First, create a logo using our service and save it to your personal account. Then you can create a corporate design, enter the required data and get the instant result.

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The options for developing a logo and corporate design:

  • to make an order in the famous design studio;
  • to make an order from a graphics professional;
  • to develop by yourself.

The cost of an order in the design studio starts from 300 $, and this is the price only for the logo. Usually its development takes from several weeks to several months; the best designers will not make your logo in less than 10 days’ term. And at that you do not get any guarantees. Everyone works against prepayment, and it is not necessarily true that you will like the final version of the project. For that reason, today companies are increasingly choosing the online design tools.

Basic design criteria of your own logo and company design:

  • Minimize the scale of colors. Remember the corporate designs of Beeline, Nike or AXE. They attract attention not by the brightness and variety of colors, but by their synergy.
  • Logo and corporate design should be two sides of the same coin. A logo as a company emblem must be unique, and a corporate design (envelopes, business cards, forms) must have credibility to the client.
  • Use all the features. Combine the drawings, fonts and color schemes, do not restrict yourself to typical solutions. Be individual, but without fanaticism.
  • Take into account the activity area of your company. For example, woodgrain stylization and a natural green colors should be optimal for the production of eco-products.
  • Feel free to analyze competitors. This will give a clear understanding of what really resonates with the target audience, and which solutions carry little credibility.

The corporate design of the company must be unique and authentic. If you copy someone’s else design - potential customers will not distinguish you from a number of competitors. If you focus on the frankly “freakish” style - you can frighten the customers and spoil the positive company image. It is better to choose something moderately snazzy, stylistically neutral and clearly capturing the essence of your work.

Why the use of the Genlogo service is more profitable?

Hundreds of stylistically diverse images drawn by our designers. Manually selected fonts and a variety of color schemes. All this makes it possible for you to develop logos and corporate design elements for any task and without any restrictions.

Service operation algorithm:

  • selection of logo;
  • selection of font;
  • color scheme definition;
  • sign up;
  • selection of tariff;
  • payment for the project;
  • getting the logo.

You get the logo in the required graphical formats. All proprietary rights for use of the logo and corporate design are transferred to you after the purchase.

The possibility of self-development of all graphical elements guarantees that the final result will meet your requirements completely. This is an effective saving of time and budgeting funds that can be used in some other more necessary sphere. All provided images are uniquely designed, therefore you get a unique logo.

Genlogo makes creating a corporate logo to be a pleasant and exciting experience, and not a boring work on the stream. That is why a growing number of companies prefer to turn to us, and we have not received any negative reviews yet.