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School logos may be rightfully put side by side with the oldest emblems because the oldest school in the world was built back in 859 (University of al-Qarawiyyin, Morocco) and it still operates. Anciently, school logos usually contained the symbols of knowledge (a book, a feather, a bird, etc.) or presented the architectural image of a building. Many logos still adhere to such a classic design to reflect the cultural background and many years of existence.

But we live in the modern world where life changes every minute, analog technologies are replaced by digital technologies, and this also affects the design of the education logo. Schools are gradually equipped with products of new technologies, such as digital projectors, touch-sensitive displays, robotics technologies, etc. And if the school can use modern technologies, it is a great excuse to reflect modern style in your logo.

How to make a logo for a school

How to make a logo for a school?

By school, we mean not only the state institutions but also any other types of educational clusters, such as training courses, workshop sessions, online training, tutors, etc. When creating a logo for the education sphere, you should understand the importance of your business for education. Choose a logo based on 3 key facts about your school, because the logo should reflect what you do, but not necessarily literally. The best logo presents not the branch of activities, but the characteristics that are important for the provided services, such as unique education technologies, learning curve, the conception of learning, etc.

The school logo should trigger the following associations:

1. Trust.

As a rule, education takes a lot of time and it is an important step for everyone, so people choose a company according to the conscious and balanced decision.

2. Competence.

It is important to present the professional approach of your organization. Of course, people will pay attention not only at the logo, but the latter also plays an important part of the attitude towards the company.

3. Positive emotions.

The process of education is not easy and is often associated with plenty of theoretical work material and grinding away at the studies, so it is important to persuade people that the process of education provided by your company will be easy, effective and not boring at all.

choosing a logo design

Tips for choosing a logo design

Show your benefits in your logo. Do you provide modern training methods? Use fresh color schemes, geometric and readable fonts, minimalism, or abstract IT images. To reflect the expertise in your sphere, you should use more classic characters, austere serif font, and soothing colors. There are many ways to create a good logo, the main thing is that the logo should reflect your business reality without embellishment or false modesty.

The logo is the school image, it should inspire trust and give rise to a desire to contact your company. You can create a logo on our website, and if there is no name yet, then our free name generator will help you.