Which logo should be chosen?

How should the logotype be chosen to stand out from the competitors and please the customers?

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Key actions are simple: enter the name and your “motto” (slogan) and a wide range of options will be offered to you instantly. You will surely find the one corresponding to:

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  • Your personal preferences

If you decide to make the logotype online on Genlogo website, you can be sure that each of the presented options is unique. We never “borrow” images from numerous free online “stores”.

But if a lot of options are offered to the customer, naturally, the following question, which is considered in our article, arises:

How should the logo be chosen to stand out from the competitors and please the customers?

We are ready to reveal a few secrets to you. They will enable you to choose a good logotype quickly!

Secret number 1

We’ll consider the sphere of your activity. Observations prove that in our tough times, considering the economic situation, many companies pursue several vectors of development at the same time. Nowadays, it is alright, if the same LLC or CJSC is engaged in selling second-hand goods, providing taxi services and teaching English at the same time.

In this case, the online logo, depicting jeans and T-shirts, a checkerboard pattern for the taxi service or the Tower for the foreign language courses, is not the o ne you need. It will reflect only one of the activities. Thus, you’ll have to choose the most versatile, abstract and metaphorical one!

Secret number 2

Pay closest attention to the competitors and the logotypes they use. Remember a good movie! Drama laws state that one should create images of characters that are completely different from other characters of the film. In this case, the audience remembers them better. Such an approach is called “orchestration”.

It can be applied in business. And, hence, the online logo, which differentiates you from colleagues and competitors as much as possible, can be developed. However, you should stand out from the crowd reasonably and at the same time you should avoid misunderstanding among the customers. If the construction company uses the logo with the image of the Queen of Great Britain, it will surely stand out among the competitors. But it will cause misunderstanding of the target audience.

Secret number 3

The logo is chosen on the basis of your self-presentation. Who are you? Are you an acknowledged company that wants to update its brand by creating the online logo? Are you a “bold startupper” that is ready to feed people with creativity and accessibility of services? The company with high experience should use traditional, conservative images, which are associated with reliability and trust. Put it simply, such a company should use abstract signs.

A dynamic and young company, as opposed to incumbent companies at the market! – should make a loud and bright statement!

Secret number 4

Always aim at your audience, while reckoning on your future logo. It is quite possible that an artful, philosophical logo will be cheered by a forward-minded audience that will appreciate and understand it.

But you should also reckon on whether developing a “highly intelligent” logotype, when offering consumer goods to an unsophisticated user, is worth it. The buyers shouldn’t bother their heads with the question of the real meaning of an “ingenious” sign.

We do believe when you go to Genlogo website, you will get a comprehensive idea of developing the logo yourself! Good luck

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