Trends in logo developing. Pros and cons!

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A good logo is an integral part of the corporate style. It is a tool that can properly present the products you offer to the audience. It can also provide a splendid presentation of the range of services you provide.

But should we take cues from trends?

In order to give a comprehensive answer to this question, we should first of all understand the word “trend” correctly. What is it?

In English, a trend means a temporary tendency.

We emphasize the word “temporary” on purpose. In our world, everything or almost everything is changeable and transient. And this means that you should create a logo, the concept of which is based fashion trends, only if you are going to replace it in the future (rebranding).

But rebranding is a strategy that “refreshes” and inspires the clients of giant companies. MTS Company or Sberbank can please customers by refreshing the logo. But these enterprises are in demand and they will be popular for a very, very long time. But the firm, which was founded not so long ago and was chasing trends, shouldn’t use this option.

Some companies encrypt a certain trendy product in the logo image and plan that the founded company will linger on riding on the wave of its popularity till the time the demand decreases, and then it will go defunct.

No one knows if the spinner is popular at the time you read these lines? If it’s not popular, you should know that companies specifically matching this accessory were founded in the summer of 2017. But – sooner or later! – it will be forgotten.

спиннер тренл генлого

What is the way out of this situation?

It is quite possible that, while you are reading these lines, you have already entrusted the development of the logo to specialists. And maybe you want to create it yourself using the online design tool. One way or another, there is only one question:

What should we rely on? Trend or immortal classics?

If you follow the first option blindly, a logo for a day can appear on your “shield”. But the absolutized “classics” in the logotype of the recently founded company, looks quite ridiculous as well.

Following fashion trends partly is the only right strategy. But “eternal” tendencies should be definitely introduced.

We advise avoiding snap decisions in order to succeed.

What would be the point? It will provide you with the ability to see the dynamics of the development of advertising thought, draw inspiration in the process of matching colors and logos! All these things are acceptable and even necessary under the sole condition: if you don’t cross the line, beyond which “slavish imitation” begins!

Good luck in creating the logo online!