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An alternative to web studios and experienced designers is to create a logo for Instagram online without assistance. After all, often even top teams cannot develop a really high-quality product. The main reasons are streamoriented work, minimum of individualization and lack of motivation for a specific result.

But the situation changes if you develop the Instagram channel logo by yourself, because you take into account all the little things and nuances, and you understand better than anyone else what you really need. The result is always consistent with expectations. If necessary - the project is adjusted by the hand of an experienced expert.

Why is the Instagram channel logo so important?

Creating a logo for Instagram is significant because this image is a distinctive mark of the channel, like your own hashtag. And similar to the case with the hashtag, you need to show originality, immediately distinguishing yourself from a number of competitors. The logo should be thematic, attractive, but it is worth to remember that excessive flashiness and pathos can frighten people away..

Later, when the channel becomes popular, the logo will be some kind of sign to the users that this content can be trusted and here they will definitely find something interesting for themselves. In fact, the logo is the author's signature to the post. This is precisely why large companies spend tens of thousands of rubles on the development of logos and brands, and the development itself takes weeks or even months.

Tips for creating the logo for Instagram:

  • The logo should be easy to remember
  • The Instagram logo is a round userpic of small size. So keep in mind that some small details may not be visible.
  • Conciseness and simplicity
  • The logo should reflect the theme of your account, both in relation to graphics and color.

Online development of the Instagram logo with your own hands

The copyrighted program Genlogo provides everyone with the opportunity to create the own logo and brand design without artistic education and natural talent. All you need is to know that exactly the result should be. Own database of images, fonts and colors, prepared by designers with 10 years of experience. This is what we offer..

So if you do not know where to order a logo design, you can perform this task yourself. The “Business” and “Corporate Design” tariffs include 1 hour of free work of a professional designer, who will help you correct your version to the ideal.

After payment you will receive a logo in the main graphic formats, as well as property rights for its use..

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Just in 5 clicks your Instagram channel will get a unique logo!