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What is naming?

It is a process aimed at developing a company's name, brand or trade mark. It would seem not difficult, as it’s just a word that anyone can think of, but, in reality, it can be hard, because there are many “pitfalls” in this process.

For example, you came up with the name "Wallpaper World", but it turns out that such a name is already used by someone else, domains are occupied, it is impossible to register a legal entity or a trademark for the same reasons: it is not unique, since widely used in the market.

The name (naming) must be unique at least in your ICGT class (international classification of goods and services, each type of activity or product has its own class, the name must be unique in a specific class and in a specific region).

The easiest way to check the uniqueness is the availability of a free 1 to 1 domain with your name, in our free name generator you can immediately select a domain and instantly check its availability by 1 click.

Another way to check the uniqueness is to go to the official website of the database of legal entities in your country and type in your name in the search to see if there are similar names among the already registered legal entities.

What kinds of names exist?

Here are the types of naming for a company or brand.
The most popular types of names:

1. Descriptive - describes or indicates a field of activity. We see such names everywhere. Often, they are found in a small abbreviation: "RosMetallSnab" or "SpetsBetonPostavka". Names like these describe well what the company does and give the target audience a direct answer. However, this type of names are very popular, which means it will be difficult to stand out from competitors and find a short and unique name.

2. Empirical - reflects the benefits of the brand, i.e. your advantages or strengths are encrypted in the name, it can be "speed of delivery" or "sustainability" of the product. For example: "Fast Food" or "EcoDrive".

3. Fantasy - fictitious names, neologisms. This method is often used by world brands (e.g. Samsung, Nokia, Adidas, etc.), the name itself does not mean anything semantic (or is incomprehensible to most customers), but it has the maximum chances of being unique and short. To create such a name in our name generator, you can use the input of different syllables, which will be calculated among themselves.

Good name criteria:

1. Easy to remember - the name should be well received by the target audience. Preference is given to short names, because the shorter, the easier it is to remember the name, but longer names or those consisting of 2 or 3 words also have a chance of success if they are easy to read and understand. Longer names have a better chance of being patented.

2. Patent clearance - the ability to register a name as a trademark or legal entity. This step is inevitable because the name must be patented to avoid problems among competitors.

3. Absence of negative emotions - when choosing a name, remember that it should not mean or hint at something negative or dismissive, the target audience can react sharply to such a name. If the name doesn't make a clear sense, check the translation in different languages to avoid negative meanings in different languages.

4. Conciseness - ease of readability, ease of perception. Avoid complex letter combinations, preferably a harmonious presence of vowels and consonants. Try the “phone test”, tell the name over the phone to your friends or acquaintances, if they don’t ask you to spell the name, then everything is fine with the name.

Небольшой совет для создания крутого лого:

При вводе названия избегайте длинного текста и кавычек, это ухудшает читабельность.

Используйте поле «слоган» для ввода краткого описания или указания типа юридического лица.

Успехов! :)