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Make a logo for computer technology online in 5 minutes!

In our constructor you can create many variants of a logo for a computer, technology and more :) A logo for technology is not only an image of a "computer" or a monitor, abstract and technological images or even a font logo with elements of technology work well. Fonts and colors are selected by designers with 10 years of experience. Enter your name and slogan (optional) and get options!

Computer logo ideas and more

computer logo

Computer technology logo

If you open an online store of computer equipment, then the logo should be compact and readable, and the name is not very long, then the logo will look great on a page overloaded with a product catalog, you can look towards font or abstract logos. The story is similar with a real point of sale, especially if there is a sign.

 how to create a logo

How to make a logo?

On our service you will find many options for a computer logo and more. Choose the option you like, then colors and fonts, and in the end you will be able to correct the logo and create a corporate identity.

choose sign

Correct choice of sign.

Look at your competitors, what images do they use the most? We call it a cliché, try to stand out and choose something new, interesting, rather than the hackneyed images of a 'computer', a mouse or a monitor. Our site has a lot of interesting things, and if there is no name yet, then our service will help you. Need a name? free brand name generator.