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The beauty industry is one of those spheres of action in which too many small companies, entrepreneurs, private cosmeticians, hairdressers, nail technicians, etc. are engaged. This causes huge competition and oversaturation in the beauty industry niche. And that is why it is very important to have a good logo that could set you apart from the other companies.

But you can stand out not only by the graphics but also the name of the logo, which plays an important role. You can create a logo name with the help of our free name generator.

How to make a logo for the beauty

How to make a logo for the beauty industry?

The logo has to reveal your personality, your skill, or your approach to work, some key factor by which clients will choose you. It can be an extraordinary font (but don’t forget about the readability when choosing a font), an interesting color combination, or an unexpected, daring, and bold execution.

Here are several important associations that, in our opinion, a beauty salon logo should trigger in the modern world:

1. Craftsmanship.

Remember, that people choose not a salon, but a craftsman, so the logo should present a high level of your skills. How to do it? You can use a classic style, serif font, and a single-tone color scheme. It’s not modern, you say? Well, it is quite modern, because nowadays the style from the beginning of the last century called “neo-vintage” is on the trend (thanks to barbershops).

2. Originality.

Bold images, some extraordinary solutions, not necessarily bordering on stupidity, a certain individual style – your logo should present what you really want to show, some kind of reflection of your inner world, your individuality, the way it is, and no matter what others say :)

3. Trust.

When the clients contact you, they entrust you with one of the most important components of their life - the appearance. People approach with extreme caution to this sphere and it is important for the logo not to become an obstacle, but to attract them.

With the help of our service, you can create a professional logo because we have already selected the perfect combination of fonts, images, and colors for you.

Choosing the right brand image for beauty salon

Choosing the right brand image

As it is written above, you should choose the logo “with your heart and soul”. Don’t make popular mistakes, such as poorly readable font, banal images (you can use popular images but in some original version), or faded colors that could be bad for your business.

If you decide to reflect some of your “schticks” in the logo design, make sure that not only you, but also your clients could see them when looking at the logo, albeit not obvious, but somewhere on a subconscious level.

We wish you success in choosing the “right” logo!