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Delivery (Logistics) Logo

Delivery (Logistics) Logo

In the current circumstances, the business for the delivery of various goods is gaining momentum. Partly it happens due to a pandemic, but in general, clients already prefer to receive goods with delivery included rather than to walk for hours in shopping centers.

5 years ago, it was hard to imagine that it would be possible to order the delivery of not only a TV set but also of a hot dish from a trendy restaurant or a food package for a week. Delivery becomes an important trend in the modern world.

How to create a logo for the delivery

How to create a logo for the delivery industry?

The delivery logo has some specific features because the niche is constantly growing, the number of “players” in the market is also increasing, which means that it is necessary to stand out. A high-quality professional logo will evoke the right associations and persuade clients to choose your company.

We have selected the TOP 3 associations that the delivery logo should evoke:

1. Trust

Trust is a key association due to many factors, such as safety of the cargo, the time spent, waiting and the guarantee of financial costs. In line with the above, the logo should be understandable; it should also have the readable font, calm colors, etc.

2. Delivery Speed

This association is obvious. A client wants to receive his order the sooner the better. It is not difficult to reflect the “speed” association in the logo, just use some speed symbol (for example cheetah, bird, or dynamic lines); also use italic font, or create a slogan, something like “Speed is our priority” or “Faster than rabbits” :)

3. Reliability

This association is closely related to “trust”, but it is also important. Use a bolder print, a dense character that “stands on its feet confidently”, without unnecessary pretentiousness and detail.

Choosing the right image

Choosing the right image for a delivery business brand

First, you need to determine the key feature of your company, its helpfulness, and main benefits, and try to present them in the brand image. As stated above, it is better to use animalistic images to reflect speed or reliability. Abstract images, enclosed in simple geometric shapes, dynamic or cyclical forms are well suited for this sphere.

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