Furniture logo design

Make a logo for a furniture company in 5 minutes!

Do you make custom-made furniture or maybe you have an upholstered furniture store? If you don't have a logo yet, it's easy to fix! There is high competition in this niche, you need to stand out, it is very simple to create a furniture logo, choose original solutions for the style of your furniture, font logos, minimalism or a symbol with a key letter of the name are now relevant. Create a logo for furniture in just 5 clicks, after the logo you can create a corporate identity and brand book

Furniture logo ideas and more


Logo for a furniture store: cabinet, upholstered, office, etc.

Furniture is a very popular niche, highly competitive and has a special approach to it, customers carefully choose a store or a manufacturer of custom-made furniture, because they are ready to spend their accumulated money for months, or even years, they approach this very responsibly. They will pay attention to every detail, price, timing and of course the logo. Create a high-quality logo on our service, this will help customers look in your direction and make the right choice.

how to make a logo

How to create a logo for the furniture industry?

Let's take a look at a few characteristics that a logo for a manufacturer or furniture store should have.

We have selected the TOP 3 characteristics:

1. Trust

The logo should be well received by the target audience, if you are targeting a wide range of people with different incomes, then it is better not to look for too bold decisions, so as not to scare away part of the audience. If you are targeting a certain price segment or offer unique furniture, you can safely experiment when creating a logo!

2. Honesty

The furniture niche has different pains for clients: missed deadlines, deception, fragility, etc. Try to reassure your audience through the logo, treat the creation of a logo responsibly, a high-quality logo can be created on our service.

3. Price / quality

Buying cabinet, upholstered, and any other furniture is a big expense. Many buyers are now looking for the best quality at the best value, so unless you are offering premium service to the right customers, it is best to avoid the pretentiousness and 'show-off' in the logo, gold signage on a black background, etc.

choose sign

How to choose the right sign for a furniture store?

The best solution, in our opinion, would be to use something simple, minimalism is now very relevant, without unnecessary 'bells and whistles', the logo should be clear and readable, especially if the store has a sign. Not too dark, but not too bright colors, black and white works well (and no, we do not consider it gloomy). In recent years, the direction of font logos without an additional brand name has become very popular, especially if the font is some kind of original, we do not mean too 'twisted' no, rather a simple font but having its own style, such a logo format is universal in use and can take up maximum area.

You can create a professional logo for the furniture industry using our service, simply and clearly in 5 clicks! And if there is no name yet, then our free name generator.