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Logo for a building company

Logo for a building company

Construction is a very popular sphere of business; for this reason, many companies operate in this sphere, which maintains a high level of competition.

In a highly competitive environment, the logo plays a very important role. Often it happens that there are hundreds of companies to choose from, which offer practically the same services and the clients have to choose with their heart and soul, based on the visual representation of the company, namely the logo.

How to make a logo for a building company

How to make a logo for a building company?

Creating a logo that will make people choose and remember the certain company should take into account several rules or rather the associations that the brand should evoke:

1. Trust

In this sphere, the role and importance of trust cannot be underestimated, because the clients entrust the company not only with their finances but also the time and the result they will obtain. To inspire confidence, a logo must be comprehensible, with no show-off and no frills; it should also have simple graphics, geometric font, and a legible name.

2. Compliance

People no longer believe in hollow promises; they want complete honesty and this can be expressed in the logo. If the company is small, it is better not to represent it visually as a huge corporation, because when the client learns the truth, he'll actually begin to feel cheated and leave. The logo shall conform to reality visually.

3. Realistic promises

Think about your key difference from your competitors. It can be the speed of construction, guaranteed terms, the environmental friendliness, or just a polite attitude towards the client. You can show these advantages in the logo; an oblique font or a dynamic sign to reflect the speed, calm natural colors for environmental friendliness, and softer font or plant moments in the graphics of the brand.

Choosing the right brand for a building company

Choosing the right brand for a building company

An important part of creating a logo design is choosing an image for the brand. There's no reason it should be a direct image (like hammer, crane, or excavator) because such a brand usually reflects only the sphere of business, and this is the method used by most competitors. Abstract, structural and geometric images are well suited; you can also use a direct image, but in some original style which is different from the competitors.

The building company logo is not only a product (a house, construction, or renovation) but also a team, attitude towards the client, and the process of work. Think about the expectation of the client, whether it is his new cottage or the pleasant process of interaction with the company, which inspires him to write a positive review.

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