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Make a logo online for the photography industry. A unique logo for a photo studio, photo courses, etc. After the logo, you can create a corporate identity for the photographer and a brand book

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создаем фотографии

Logo for a photographer, studio, photo courses

Photography is a creative sphere filled with emotions, concentration and love for what you do.

You can create a logo only after realizing - “Yes! This is my logo! "

As a rule, every photographer, creative person knows what kind of logo he needs, but still we will try to give you some tips.

как сделать лого для фотографа

How to make a logo for the photography sphere?

With the help of our service, you can easily create a logo for every taste. When creating a logo design, it is not necessary to take a "camera" as a basis, you can choose some more original image or a more original "camera" :) We know that photographers love technology, various retro cameras, photo cameras, long cameras, etc. therefore, in the range of our service you will find many such "rarities", perhaps you will see them for the first time.

Here are a few associations we think a photographer's logo should cause:

1. Handwriting.

Unique style of the photographer, reflected in the logo. Do you like b / w photos and shoot on film? The image of a retro camera will do. If you are a fashion insta photographer, you can look for something in a modern style, even without the "carcass" image.

2. Style.

The creation of a logo should be approached with taste, the logo of the photographer should be truly designer, stylish and laconic.

3. Restraint.

This is the question of conciseness, an overloaded or fanciful logo will scare your customers away. The logo can be detailed, if you use the right font and color, everything should be harmonious.

выбираем знак фотографии

How to choose the right photographer sign?

As mentioned above, reflect your style in the sign, it is very important to convey this point to your customers, they should, on a subconscious level, based on the logo, understand the right choice they are making or not.

Choose with your soul, reflect your “I”, your “I can”, your “I see it this way!” in the logo.

May the aperture be with you!