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There is a lot of competition in real estate, how do you stand out? Just understand your advantages over competitors and try to reflect them in the logo, for example, if your advantage is "speed of selection", you can choose a sign symbolizing growth / speed / direction, you can choose an oblique font, colors are energetic! On our service, you can quickly create a corporate identity for real estate and a brand book.

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Real estate company or agency logo.

Real estate agencies are a very highly competitive field of activity, new companies appear every day, but there are also those who have been on the market for more than 20-30 years. How do you create a logo online without showing yourself as a 'one-day' company? This requires a quality logo.

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How to create a logo for a real estate agency?

You can create a logo online using our service, but first, let's find out what the logo should be.

We have selected the TOP 3 characteristics that a real estate logo should have:

1. Trust

We trust what we understand. The sphere of buying / selling / supporting transactions with large financial investments requires trust.

2. Readability

A person looking at your logo should read the name without any problems, the graphics should also be understandable, but not banal, it can even be abstract, because The images of the 'houses' are already fed up with everyone

3. Seriousness

The concept is quite abstract, but not complicated. It's best to avoid funny looks unless it's related to your positioning.

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How to create a logo online for a company correctly?

The best solution, in our opinion, if the above characteristics suit you, will be a logo with a laconic image, a dense font, without unnecessary 'curls'. The gamut of saturated colors is well suited: red, blue, green, orange.

You can create a professional logo online using our service, simply and clearly in 5 clicks! And if there is no name yet, then our free brand name generator.