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Make a cafe logo in just 5 clicks!

We have many interesting logo options for a cafe, children's cafe, bar. The logo of fast food and different cuisines of the world, choose according to your taste! Pizza, sushi, burgers or maybe pasta? There is a lot of competition in the catering industry, make your brand stand out among the many with an excellent logo! After the logo, you can create a corporate identity and brand book.

Cafe logo ideas

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Logo for the cafe

A cafe is delicious, it is emotions, it is relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere. If you have already created the right atmosphere in your cafe and decided what kind of cuisine you will have, what kind of interior. It's time to think about a logo that will reflect your atmosphere; when choosing a logo, try to observe the same color scheme as the interior. If the cafe is located on a large street, try to choose a logo with few details and a readable font so that it is clearly visible from the other side of the street.

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How to make a logo for a cafe?

By a cafe we mean a certain point of public catering, it can be a children's cafe and a fun night bar, or maybe a modest pastry shop with a large selection of different 'sweets'. Before moving on to creating a logo, think about what your cafe is, the logo will work well when it reflects the direction of your cafe, not only the cuisine, but also the mood and colors of the interior and attitude towards customers.

Basic associations that a logo for a cafe should cause:

1. Interest.

There are many cafes, but it is necessary that they come to you :), it sounds sweet, but you need to strive for this. Interest not only in a particular cuisine, but also in your 'chip', your unique atmosphere.

2. Price segment.

It is important that a person visually sees what kind of wallet your cafe is designed for, if he cannot afford the establishment, he will go in, look at the menu and just leave.

3. Positive emotions.

Taste, interest, quality, joy, comfort, think about your values and reflect this in the cafe logo.

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Tips for choosing a logo design

Show your benefits in your logo. Yes, yes, it was written above, but this is really important, it is important to show from the logo who you really are without false promises. Choose what is close to you, where you feel the coincidence, what inspires you. Important: the colors should match the interior, the font should match the mood, and the sign for the kitchen :)

The logo is the face of the cafe, it should arouse interest and desire to visit you, but you can create a logo design on our website, and if there is no name yet, then our free brand name generator.