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The fashion industry is highly competitive. Under such conditions, you need to remember, be bright and modern. Create a logo for a women's, men's or children's clothing store in 5 clicks!

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Logo for a clothing store

In the field of fashion, there is high competition, so you need to be remembered, stand out, show not trivial solutions, but you can start with a good logo for a clothing store that will improve your image and attract new customers.

how to make a logo

How to make a logo for a clothing store?

If you have an online store, it is advisable to create a logo with a horizontal layout. most often on the site, it is assigned a place in the upper left corner just under the horizon 'in time' to the main menu, but in modern templates, the central layout is also increasingly common, when the sign is located above the name in the center. In any case, there are no special restrictions on graphics, details, fonts for the Internet. the logo on the screen can be viewed, enlarged as a last resort.

But if you have an offline format, i.e. a physical store, respectively, you will have a sign, here it is a little more complicated, it is better to avoid small details, use a readable font, not necessarily strict, you can also handwritten, but so that it can be easily read from afar.

Basic associations that a logo for a clothing store should evoke:

1. Style.

At the same time, the style should correspond to the clothes that you sell, maybe it is women's or children's clothing. If you have everything, for any gender and age, then you can choose a universal logo that will be understandable to both children and adults.

2. Price level.

Often, shops selling not the most expensive clothes try to show 'VIP' and 'premium' in their logo, this is not quite the right approach. The price should correspond to the style of the logo, so it will be easier for your customers to navigate, because when they visit the store they know roughly how much they can spend, so they subconsciously choose through the logo who to come to for purchases.

3. Quality.

Modern consumers in almost any price segment are looking for quality. We understand that the word is quite abstract, but it's easy to get out of the situation, a high-quality logo, which means that the product will be of high quality, we hope it will be so :)

choose sign

Tips for choosing a logo design

Reflect your advantages in the logo, what is your specialty? Can delivery speed? Either a large assortment or you prefer a certain manufacturer.

For example, let's say your price is above average with an emphasis on Italian brands, then try to choose an elegant font, not necessarily 'with monograms' no, it will be enough to make it interesting and readable, you can choose the colors of the Italian flag as a sign, but this it is not necessary, you can choose any colors, the main thing is that there is a good contrast between the color of the title and the color of the background, faded colors on a white background disappear and worsen the perception of the brand.

The logo is the face of the store, it should inspire confidence, reflect the style and desire to contact you, but you can create a logo design on our website, and if there is no name yet, then our free name generator.