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Creation of a private company involves a number of important marketing decisions. One of them is the development of corporate design. In particular - business cards, envelopes and headed papers. The own original headed paper makes your company more respectable, and you can develop it online by yourself.

Corporate design for FE (with logo) provides important advantages. Your own headed paper with a unique design speaks for the seriousness of the company and makes you to stand out from the competitors immediately. The original headed paper increases the level of customer confidence that is conceptual in business.

According to experts, the own headed paper with the logo improves the company's image by 17% and increases the awareness by 34%. In addition, non-standard headed papers complicate the process of forging the documentation. This is another level of protection for your reputation.


Why is Genlogo design tool the only right solution?

Because in Genlogo you create the corporate design elements for your company yourself. And for that you don't need an art education, you don't even need a basic experience in work with graphic editors. We offer hundreds of uniquely designed drawings, manually prepared fonts and color schemes. All you need is your imagination. At the same time, you are not limited by the time or budget.

Online you can create a company headed paper at the web-studio level in the minimum time. The graphic elements that you will use are prepared by professional artists.

As the result of your work, you will get a headed paper with a logo. You get it in basic graphic formats. Property rights for the use of the original image are transferred to you. The design tool saves your time and budget. Today the large companies develop the corporate design internally. The one who knows the price of quality - will not overpay!


Where to begin?

You can create a headed paper online using our service. If you want to create the headed paper, you must first develop a logo, then the headed paper and logo will be in the same style.

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Пробовала разные сайты для создания логотипа - везде получалось топорно и некрасиво. Когда попробовала этот редактор - не поверила своим глазам. Стильные необычные варианты, огромное количество предложенных логотипов. Спасибо огромное. Буду рекомендовать всем.
Крутая программа для создания лого, буквально за 5 минут я смогла сделать то, что мне нужно!
Вы большие молодцы!!!!! Спасибо огромное! Помогли очень!!!!
Антон Олегович
Дизайны очень слабые и шаблонные. Такое впечатление что выбор тематики абсолютно не влияет на результат дизайна.

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Спасибо за ваше мнение! Мы пополняем базу каждый день и стараемся раскрыть даже самые узкие специализации. Дело в том, что один и тот же знак может подходить для разных сфер деятельности, особенно абстрактные символы.
Просто бомба! я в восторге!!!
Легко и просто!
Классные логотипы
я в шоке приятном
Спасибо отличное приложение