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Nail salon or master logo

The beauty industry is one of those fields in which there are many small companies, entrepreneurs and nail artists. In this regard, you find yourself in a niche with huge competition, but don't worry, it's even easier :) you just need to reflect your individuality. There are billions of people in this world, but everyone is different in their own way. You can stand out simply by reflecting something of your own in the logo of a manicure, be bold in choosing a sign or modest, reflect who you are in the logo.

But you can stand out not only by the graphics of the logo, but also by the name, it also plays an important role. If you are a master, then we advise you to use a personal brand, last name, first name or a pseudonym, but if you have a salon, then you need some kind of name with imagination. Try to create a title with our free brand name generator.

как сделать лого для маникюра ногтей

How to make a logo for a manicure?

In the logo, it is important to reveal your advantages, skill or unique nail designs, some key factor by which customers will choose you. Try to use a non-trivial font in the logo (the main thing when choosing a font is not to lose readability), a color combination that is close to you or unexpected, bold.

Here are a few, in our opinion, relevant associations that the logo of a manicure salon should cause:

1. Craftsmanship.

Remember not choosing a salon, choosing a master, reflecting a high level of skill in the logo, as an option, it can be a lettering typeface, in other words, handwritten, reminiscent of the author's signature.

2. Individuality.

As we wrote above, reflect something of your own in the logo, how? It's very simple, choose what is close to you, what you like, regardless of the opinion of others, then you will find your target audience, they will notice your personality no matter what it is!

3. Trust.

When contacting you, clients should entrust you with one of the important components of life - their appearance, believe me, people approach this with extreme caution and it is important that the logo does not become an obstacle in this matter, but on the contrary reassures them with its appearance.

You can make a professional logo using our service, because we have already selected the perfect combination of fonts, images and colors for you.

выбираем знак для маникюра

How to choose the right sign?

And we will fix it again :) choose “heart and soul”, the main thing is not to make popular mistakes: poorly readable font, clichés (you can use popular images, but in some interesting design), too whitened colors on a white background, it is important that the name has good contrast to the background, want a logo in pastel light colors? Choose a dark background for it so that the name is clearly visible on it.