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In the field of cargo transportation, there is high competition, how to stand out? It's easy, you need to understand your advantages over competitors and reflect them in the logo, for example, if your advantage is "speed", you can choose a sign symbolizing growth / speed / direction, you can choose an oblique font, colors are pure or slightly dark. On our service, you can quickly create a corporate identity for cargo transportation and a brand book.

Cargo transportation logo ideas

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Transportation logo (logistics)

Cargo transportation is a global sphere, you compete not only in your market, but also in the world, because most often, cargo transportation involves an international scale. You need to stand out, declare yourself, but not with variegated feathers, but with a restrained style with interesting graphics.

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How to create a logo for the shipping industry?

The cargo transportation logo has some peculiarities, because the logo is applied to a large number of surfaces, one of which is an awning or car wrapping, so here it is better not to get carried away with a large number of colors and poorly readable fonts.

We have selected the TOP 3 characteristics that a cargo transportation logo should have:

1. Readability

A readable font, a clear idea and graphics of the sign (if any), font logos, for example, based on italic type reflecting 'movement', are also well suited.

2. Energy

In this area, this is an important factor, everyone wants to receive their cargo as soon as possible, while it is not necessary to depict a 'lightning', customers just need to understand that you are a serious company with a high-quality logo, which means you will not 'break' the deadlines.

3. Reliability

In this area, a frequent pain of the audience is the reliability of cargo delivery, timeliness, and honesty.

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How to choose the right sign for your trucking business?

How to reflect the desired associations? You can use a dense font, an interesting sign without small details or a general 'serious' or 'global' image, not to be confused with the image of a 'planet', in this area it is used too often. When choosing a logo, pay attention as if you are a consumer, look at the logo through the eyes of the client and understand which logo suits you best.

You can create a professional logo for the field of cargo transportation using our service, simply and clearly in 5 clicks! And if there is no name yet, then our бесплатный генератор названий.