What is Corporate Design?

корпоративный фирменный стиль

It seems like it was only yesterday. Companies producing all kinds of goods and services, participated in the so-called “qualitative and quantitative” wars. Some companies had been setting the new records in regard to the volume of produced products. And some had been looking for the secrets of its quality, manufacturability and taste improvement.

But all of that was in the good old 20th century. And today the 21st century has begun..

What Has Changed?

The achievements in most branches of human experience or knowledge hit the ceiling. Comparing a sandwich from the fast-food restaurant with an international “signboard” with a sandwich from a competing restaurant across the road, we can find out that the level of quality, healthiness, harm, taste and caloric value of two subs with sausage is virtually the same.

The cost differs in a minor way as well. So, have the wars stopped? Not at all! They just have moved from the “qualitative and quantitative” to the emotional and visual level, and try to gain the affection of the consumers long before they buy the product..

Remember the old paroemia of the mistress, who ordered three serfs to bring a glass of water for her. The first serf was mercilessly beaten for the fact that the water was salty. The second one was hanged for bringing the bitter water. And the third ... was granted ten rubles and freedom.

You might ask: “What's the odds?”

The truth is that the water was taken from the same barrel, but dished up in a different way.

The company's corporate design is an empire of visual algorithms that provides the possibility to present essentially the same goods and products, such as computers and household appliances, hamburgers and smartphones, cellular services, cosmetics, shampoos, shaving products, in the different way. So, who can win this war?

The one who independently, using the appropriate service, or with the help of the experts, has developed a style solution system and selected these visual notes of success. Notes, that help his symphony of success to “sound the loudest” in the market of goods and services.

What is Corporate Design?

If one company specializing in the development of corporate design can list about 20 components that are included in the orbit of this concept, then the other can speak of a hundred of such components.

However, the main criterion for the success of the created corporate design is not the number of components, but the quality of working out each of them and the development of a single style concept.

Corporate design has a dual mission. First and foremost, it distinguishes a company from a galaxy of completely analogous companies and does it either effectively or not. And secondly, brings all the elements of the company's positioning in the market to a single conceptual and visual denominator. Such elements are:

  • trademark,that clearly and expressively highlights the product on the market
  • logo which is the “outpost” of corporate design, its banner, emphasizing the individuality of the company
  • slogan – being the verbally expressed philosophical, ideological and, at the same time, business position of the company
  • set of corporate colors this gamma is extremely important, because it is precisely the color “notes” that subsequently make you choose the colors of the branded clothing of sellers or the cartographic coloring of commercial vehicles.
  • set of corporate fonts the company's corporate design must include the set of its own fonts, by means of which the company commutes with the outside world and broadcasts its messages.

So if the customers recognize you from the first letter, it means that you have worked excellently. At the same time, of course, it is very important for a bank to create corporate design in the mainstream, which is appropriate for reputable financial institutions, and not in rhetoric, which is more suitable for children's toy stores.

The number of companies that have succeeded because of the precisely selected corporate design is as large as the number of those that failed due to the lack of it or the wrong choice. Is there any use in waiting? It's time to find your own, individual solution for success.

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